University of Winchester

Project Information and Consent to Participate

Project information

Study Title: Exploring the Perceived Barriers for Using Gamification as a Technique for Increasing Stakeholder Engagement in Sustainability Accounting and Its Reporting

Invitiation to Participate:I am a student at the University of Winchester studying for a research degree: A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). The research project described below, forms part of this degree. I am therefore inviting you to take part in this project titled above. Before you decide to participate, it is important you understand what the project involves and what you will have to do if you agree to take part. So, please take time to read the following information. Please ask me if anything is unclear

Your participation in the study is entirely voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any time without penalty, and without giving a reason. You can remain anonymous throughout if you prefer

Procedure: you will be participating in a short survey based on your interaction with an example website we have published online. The survey includes some general questions about your opinions and attitudes towards Sustainability Accounting and Reporting (SAR). Participation involves watching an introductory video presentation delivered online prior to looking at the website and participating in the survey. Your involvement in the research will end following the completion of the survey, with no ongoing data collection or lifestyle impact. The video, website and survey are all delivered online and can be completed on any internet-enabled device at your leisure. There are no other expected risks to be aware of in your participation.

Confidentiality and Ethics: Any sensitive data provided will be anonymised before storage or use should it be published as part of the study. Copies of the research project may be made available to future students as part of the library facilities at the University of Winchester. Digital records of data will not be shared and will be destroyed following completion of the research, no later than 31st December 2021. The study has been approved by the Faculty of Law Business and Digital Technologies and the RDC Ethics Sub-Committee.

Should you have any questions about the study, please contact the researcher via email. If you feel the study has been conducted inappropriately, or have any other concerns you wish to discuss, please contact either the Chief Investigator or the Chair of the Winchester University’s RKT Ethics Committee.


I have read and understood the information about the project. I understand that my participation in this project is completely voluntary, and that I may withdraw at any time during the project, without penalty.

I understand the arrangements that have been made to ensure my anonymity and privacy. I am aware that I have the right to see what has been written about me.

The researcher has made clear to me any risks which may be involved in my participation in the project.

I understand that the research and survey is conducted online, and that I may choose to remain anonymous.

The arrangements for secure storage of data, and for its eventual disposal, have been explained to me.

By participating in the survey and answering the "Consent to Participate" questions accordingly I consent to take part in the project.